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Q: Do we Lease domains?
A: Unfortunately we are not currently interested in leasing domains!

Q: Do domains come with the matching .uk?
A: Unless otherwise stated, all domain names will come with the matching .uk domain or rights to the matching .uk domain. We do own some .uk domains that don't come with the matching

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: We prefer Bank Transfers or Payal, however we are also happy to accept escrow as terms of payment. We can recommend the following escrow service providers ( | | Transpact) Please note that as the buyer you are responsible for any Escrow fee's.

Q: How quick is the buying / Transfer process?
A: I don't like to string things out and always aim to complete the transfer of domains within 2 business days from the date of successful payment.

Q: How does the transfer process work?
A: The transfer of domains is pretty straight forward:-

.com domains will be transferred to the registrar of your choice. Please bare in mind that some registrars will charge a fee to transfer a domain name in, However most internal transfers (account to account) are free with the vast majority of registrars.

To change the ownership of a requires a processing fee of £10+vat to Nominet (payable by the buyer unless otherwise stated). Once we have agreed upon a price for a domain and a successful payment has been receiveda transfer request will be sent to the email address which you specify. At this point you will be notified of the pending transfer and be able to follow the step by step process to change the ownership of the domain.

Its worth pointing out at this stage that .uk domains require a UK address that can be verified by Nominet. If you live outside of the UK and would still like to register a .UK domain you may do so by using an address for service based in the UK.

If you like a domain that we own where we cant come to an agreement on a price, we may be interested in putting the domain up for auction with your best offer as the opening bid. If this is something you maybe interested in then please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss this further.

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Below are some of the domains that we are currently looking to sell. If you are interested in a specific domain please navigate to the domain and make your best offer.

If we own both the and .uk domain's they will be sold together